women relaxing with massage cusionIf you want to buy a massage chair but you are on a limited budget the next best option is to get a massage cushion. These compact products usually comes with heat and two or three modes depending on the brand and model.

They sit neatly on your favorite arm chair or rocking chair and give you a great  session at the convenience of your own home. It are also a great option for people who have limited space and don’t want to add in a full blown chair in their home. It  can be easily stored away when you are not using them saving you a lot of space.


  • Easy on Pocket – Usually you can get a good one anywhere between US$45 TO US$160.
  • Compact and Portable – When not in use they can be easily stored away.
  • Easy to Install: The setup is fairly simple and requires no tool. It can be used out of the box.
  • Mobile: You can use it at your home, office or at a hotel while travelling.
  • Ease of Use – You don’t have to be a whiz kid to use them. You can control all the options through a simple handheld remote.


  • Basic: Usually these cushions comes with 2 to 10 rolling motors offering Kneading and rolling.
  • No Full Body Option– Good For back and shoulders
  • Ergonomics – Though they are fairly comfortable but they don’t offer the contours and ergonomics of a massage chair.
  • No Vibrations

Top 5 Massage Pads


For less than US$ 60 this is one of the most comfortable massage pad in the market. This best seller comes with a three year factory warranty out of the box. This cushion comes with a 10 vibrating motor to give an invigorating massage to relieve stress, tension and soreness from the neck, thighs and back. This is the best option for people who are tall as this is large enough to comfortably fit tall people.

Five Star FS8812 offers four modes and three speeds. The other feature that’s sets this powerhouse apart is it comes with Car Adapter and AC adapter to give you massage on the move. For less than US$60 this cushion excels in every department. Highly recommended.

Comfort Products 60-2910 Ten Motor

This is another great option for the budget conscious. For less than US$ 45 Comfort Products 60-2910 offers all the bells and whistles of relatively higher priced  pads.

Comfort Products offers a one year warranty on the model 60-2910 and it comes with Car Adapter. To give you the maximum comfort the Comfort Products 60-2910 is built with memory foam. It also comes with 10 vibrating motors to give you a complete massage on your back, shoulder and thighs. It also comes with a side storage and a handheld to easily control your massaggin experience. At less than US$45, this is a highly recommended option

Zyllion ZMA-14-BK Shiatsu with Heat

If you are looking for an option with heat that can be used for short bursts of relief from aching muscles and pain the Zyllion cushion is a good option.

Concentrating on the neck and lumbar regions of the body, this cushion provides four moving massaging nodules for each region with an accompanying heating option. This cushion can create a high quality option for any person with neck and back pain as the massaging nodes can be moved up and down the cushion to provide relief in specific areas that are affected by pain.

The Sharper Image MSI-CS775H Air and Shiatsu Cushion

The only cushion in our top 5 that gives you the option of Air Massage. The Sharper image air pad compresses and gently squeezes your sides and lumbar area.

The air intensity can be easily adjusted between low, medium and high to reach lower, upper, or entire back for the exact session you require. The  Shiatsu nodes travel up and down gives a deep kneading session.

The optional heating experience easily enhances the massaging experience. This cushion comes really close in replicating the deep tissue massagging of some of the best chairs. At US$100 range this massaging cushion is a steel.

HoMedics MCS-510H Total Back and Shoulder

This quality pad from HoMedics gives you a full body experience.It can be easily customized by utilizing the four traveling shiatsu nodes, Kneading for deep tissue, rolling for gentle session and spot for focused. Another great feature is that you can easily adjust width for a more comfortable seating position.

This is great option for a full body coverage. The four zones are great in targeting specific problem areas. Priced just bellow US$120 this is another great option for a great massage experience.